About Me


name  Karen Brodie

location  Toronto, Canada

job  photographer

subjects  landscape, portrait, travel, etc.

Photography by Karen Brodie

Karen’s passion for photography and travel (or should we say obsession for learning and seeing) became insatiable shortly after beginning a journey through grief in 2008. After losing her soul-mate in his battle with cancer, the camera became her connection to a new world and life, teaching her to be mindful to the beauty and opportunity of each moment.

She considers herself as much a traveller as a photographer and feels her most creative on the road while experiencing and sharing in delights or hardship/sorrow. She says that travelling is much more exciting and rewarding with camera in hand … you never know what doors the lens will open; it is an amazing tool for connecting with people.  She loves crowds and events and delights in finding interesting faces, almost like a real life "Where's Waldo?" but at the moment, her lens knows FEW limits when it comes to people, places or things. Does she see through to the essence of a subject, to its soul, as many have said?

Her work has been licensed commercially including on the movie set of The Truth starring Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Eva Longaria and Kim Coates. She has also had the privilege of her work being published.

Bet you are intrigued...So, go take a peek already, and then we can talk about your photography requirements/projects, fine art prints, rates and/or licensing!!!!